Scrapping of BIPK undermines wellbeing of the nation: Voon

Voon Shiak Ni (File photo)

KUCHING, Dec 27: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice chairman Voon Shiak Ni said the government should review the decision to take away the the Critical Service Incentive Allowance (BIPK) for new intakes was not constructive for the wellbeing of the nation as a whole.

According to Voon, the decision to cut the critical allowance of professional civil servants should not have been made in the first place.

“I believed the critical incentive allowance in the first place was given as a support and motivation for them to meet the heavy demands of their nature of job and also to encourage more professionals to contribute to the medical field as the health of the people equals the health and strength of a nation.

Voon said that in view of the crucial fact that medical service providers were affected at all levels, it was a bad move to scrap off the critical service incentive allowance as these medical service providers worked jobs where the pay was not commensurate with the nature of work, the long hours, the workload and their heavy responsibilities to the public.

“I appeal to the government to review the decision of the cabinet to scrap the Critical Service Incentive Allowance for new intakes next year,” she said in a press statement today.

“I do thank MP Dr Kelvin Yii, the peoples representative for Bandar Kuching for being the first people’s representative in Sarawak to suggest the offer to cut his allowances first instead of the cutting the Critical Service Incentive Allowance,” she added.

Voon also pointed that the the health risks that come with the job was definitely a matter to be given due attention and appreciation but it could not be denied that it was an issue seldom discussed about.

“How can we be a people-sensitive government if we are not sensitive and friendly to the needs of the people,” she questioned. —DayakDaily.