Sarawak PKR lawmakers advised to quit from their ‘messy’ party

KUCHING, Sept 27: Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) today urged Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) lawmakers from Sarawak to unshackle themselves from their “messy with scam leaders” party.

MoCS founder Francis Siah today claimed that PKR is a party full of problems, and its top leadership is creating havoc in the country.

“Despite being the ruling party that has won the most seats in the previous general election, standing at a total of 47 seats out of 113 seats in parliament, PKR is now a party that wants to be seen as generals, not soldiers.

“It is also unfortunate that all their leaders in Malaya are good schemers here and there. After the 14th general election, they started to scam the people,” Siah told a press conference here today.

He observed that PKR Sarawak’s elected representatives were mostly good and decent people, whereas those in Malaya had ultra Malay culture embedded in them.

Siah cautioned that this culture must not reach the soil of Sarawak.

Siah (centre) with MoCS members Mike Lim (left) and Edmund Lee.

Over the past few months, factions have cemented in PKR, largely due to factors such as personal rivalries, ideological and party policy differences, party strategies and power struggles.

“The elected representatives in Sarawak deserve to be in a better party, instead of PKR. Therefore, I urge them to disband themselves from the party by either joining other existing Pakatan Harapan (PH) parties or revive Sarawak National Party (SNAP),” Siah said, adding that the latter was the best option.

He further claimed that a PKR elected representative came to him to vent frustration over all the mess and dirty tactics going on in the party.

“PKR people may not like us from MoCS for saying this, which is fine, but we are here to tell you what Sarawakians want and say. The people didn’t vote for a party to see this kind of mess happening,” Siah pointed out. — DayakDaily