Sarawak Forestry Corporation clarifies croc attack in viral video did not happen in State

Screenshots of the video footage posted together by SFC in their Facebook page of the crocodile attack that went viral recently.

KUCHING, Dec 3: Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) clarified that the crocodile attack shown in a video that went viral recently did not happen in Sarawak.

In a Facebook post today, SFC said the short video happened a few years ago.

According to the corporation, the spread of the video has caused panic and concern among the public, which has affected the local community’s economy.

“SFC is very concerned when notified of the existence of dangerous wildlife in certain areas, and we will put up signs to inform people of the existence of such wildlife.

“SFC Enforcement Officers are always ready for any action on information received from the public,” it said.

At the same time, the Sarawak Wildlife Controller warned the public that it is an offence to torture and commit cruelty to any wild animal, especially animals classified as ‘Protected’ and ‘Fully Protected’ in Sarawak.

According to Section 44 of the Sarawak Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998, anyone found guilty of the offence can be imprisoned for six months and fined RM2,000.

Therefore, the SFC calls on all Sarawakians not to spread old and irrelevant videos.

“Those who are very active on social media should be more careful when sharing certain videos and practice the attitude of ‘not sure, don’t share’,” it added.

If you have any information about wildlife crime, please report it immediately to the SFC via the hotline: Kuching (019 8859996) / Sibu (019 8883561) / Bintulu (019 8332737) / Miri (019 8290994) or to the e-complaint on the website at — DayakDaily