Sarawak ex-policemen calls on PH not to recognise Malayan Communist Party

Gersit (front, centre) with other members of PBPM.

KUCHING, Aug 4:  Malaysia Sarawak Ex-police Association (PBPM) has called on Pakatan Harapan government (PH) not to recognise ex-fighters of Malayan Communist Party (MCP) as real fighters of the nation.

PBPM chairman ASP Benjamin Gersit Jais in a statement today said the members of PBPM and ex-police officers totally rejected the statement of Au Heng Kong of MCP which requested Pakatan Harapan (PH) government  to recognise them because of they had assisted PH in previous two elections.

“I ASP (R) Benjamin Gersit Anak Jais as (a) chairman of Ex-Police Association of Malaysia Sarawak Branch hereby would like to rebut the statement given by Au Heng Kong, the ex-fighter of the Malayan Communist Party or Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) who would like the Pakatan Harapan government to recognise them as the real fighter of the nation due to their commitment in assisting the Pakatan Harapan in their last two elections.

“We as the members of the Association and the Ex-Police Officers and men totally against this statement of the said so called PKM (MCP) Fighters of the nation,” said Gersit.

Gersit said it has been common knowledge that the communists during the Emergency killed and victimised innocent civilians as well as attacked police stations.

It is thus his assertion that MCP should not be recorded in history book as a force contributing to the struggle for Malaya’s independence.

PBPM’s statement.

“As we all knew, during the communist era, they (smily) killed and victimised (an) innocent civilians.  Moreover, they simply attacked the police station and men who were on duty without (any) mercy.”

“We are against the (proposed) policy that the history book to be printed regarding their struggle to gain independence and they alleged (allegation) that (the) Malay Regiment were the stooges of the British government.”

Gersit said that, in actual fact, the police and the army whether there were from Malay regiment or the British Army, were fighting for the freedom of the nation as well as from being dominated by MCP.

He said PBPM strongly believed that MCP were the subversive element seeking to undermine or subvert the government of the day.

Au had in last year called for history books to be corrected to reflect CPM’s contribution to Malaya’s independence and hoped that this would be easier now that PH has assumed power.

The 88-year-old who had spent a decade fighting with CPM’s 10th Regiment also claimed that former police chief Abdul Rahim Noor had recognised CPM7s contributions in fighting the Japanese as well as Malaya’s independence. — DayakDaily