Sarawak DAP secretary: Miri mayor should understand his roles and duties, don’t confuse voters

Ling distributing flyers.

By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Dec 11: Maintaining drainage in Miri falls under the jurisdiction and purview of the Miri City Council, said Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) secretary Alan Ling.

Ling, who is also the DAP candidate for Pujut, reminded his opponent Adam Yii of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) who is the current Mayor of Miri, to understand his roles and duties and not to confuse the voters in his quest to get the additional position as Pujut assemblyman.


“He is trying to wear two hats where he and his campaign team had exposed his incapability to resolve basic infrastructure problems faced not only by the Pujut residents but also the people in Senadin and Piasau,” he said.

Ling pointed out that by revealing drainage upgrading in the housing area of Pujut as his manifesto, it shows Yii’s failure to discharge his basic duties all these years.

“He has been Miri mayor since July 2016, he held the post for more than five years, and now he is talking about wanting to upgrade housing drainage in an attempt to woo voters; this is in fact very humiliating,” Ling stated.

Talking about funding, Ling claimed that these are lame excuses and equivalent to using development to entice voters.

“Voters’ choice must be respected, and whichever party that forms the next government must continue the plans without jeopardising the rights of voters in any constituency,” he said.

Ling said with Yii being the mayor, even with the machinery and resources of a local government with him and being part of the ruling party, he could not effectively get allocation to upgrade drainage for the people.

“What more can the people of Pujut expect of him if he gets the additional position of being an assemblyman?

“You have failed miserably as a mayor and now come to shout about needing funding to do all this. The ratepayers’ money had been paid to the ruling government and state coffer, and ironically the local government minister is his president (Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian).

“Why can’t he get funding for such upgrades if he is committed to resolving the long-standing issues affecting people, especially during monsoon where flash floods occur regularly?

“Elect an assemblyman to be the voice of conscience and dare to speak out on policies affecting the people and future generations,” said Ling. ― DayakDaily