Rumah Nanga Makut’s fire victims badly in need of assistance


KUCHING, Sept 27: The fire victims of Rumah Nanga Makut in Katibas, Song, urgently need canopies to shield them from the sun and rain. They also need blankets, mattresses, kitchen utensils, clothes and daily supplies.

Some of the 253 victims of the 32-door longhouse that was razed to the ground at about 8.20am on Tuesday have converted their storage areas that were not affected by the fire to “temporary shelters”.

For those whose storage areas were turned to ashes, they have resorted to building temporary makeshift tents as shelters.

The aftermath of the fire.
Paren (left) taking down information from villagers.

In urging the state government to assist the victims, DAP Katibas branch chairman Paren Nyawi told DayakDaily that his team visited the victims yesterday to deliver essential items such as food, water, plastic tents, lamps, clothes, mats and footwear.

“We have also collected the necessary information that will be forwarded to the District Office and other relevant authorities for aid. Other groups also came in to deliver rice and food items,” he said.

When the fire started, most of the occupants were either out working or tending to their farms.

Firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) in Song could not do anything as the journey to the longhouse, which is nestled in a dense forest, took about one hour 40 minutes by boat.

Members of the public who wish to help can channel their donations to Rumah Nanga Makut’s Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK)’s Public Bank Account: 49577 34908. — DayakDaily