RM80 mln-Jalan Padawan upgrade project needs rescue contractor

Sagah (sixth right) and others in a group photo at the inauguration ceremony for projects completed under RTP and MRP from 2018 to 2023 at Kampung Peraya on Jan 6, 2024.

KUCHING, Jan 8: The Jalan Padawan project, valued at RM80 million, is currently in need of a rescue contractor to resume its implementation.

According to Education, Innovation, and Talent Development (MEITD) Sarawak Minister Dato Sri Roland Sagah Wee Inn, who is also Tarat assemblyman, there has previously been interference with contractors, as well as requests for compensation from local residents.

Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas) which reported this also highlighted that Sagah had pointed out the impact of Covid-19 on the project, as workers from Indonesia were unable to enter Sarawak, leading to the withdrawal of the previous contractor.

“In addition, the residents are asking for additional compensation even though they have already been given compensation,” he was quoted as saying.

The Tarat assemblyman expressed hope that residents, particularly Padawan road users, would remain patient as they sought a rescue contractor for the Padawan Road upgrade project, which had an initial cost of RM80 million.

As a result, he hoped that the residents would lend their full support to the work to upgrade Padawan Road, with the hope that the project could be implemented in the near future.

Ukas also stated that on Saturday (Jan 6), Sagah attended the inauguration ceremony for projects completed under Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) and Minor Rural Project (MRP) from 2018 to 2023, at Kampung Peraya.

It is understood that a total of 37 projects have been carried out from 2018 to 2023, with a total cost of RM4 million, Ukas reported. — DayakDaily