RM1 mln approved under Kota Sentosa rep’s RTP allocation to build Grand Entrance Arch at commercial area

Yap with the winners.

KUCHNG, Nov 28: RM1 million has been approved for the construction of a Grand Entrance Arch as a gateway to the Kota Sentosa commercial area under Wilfred Yap’s Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) project allocation.

According to a press release, the Kota Sentosa assemblyman officiated at an award ceremony for the Kota Sentosa Commercial Area Grand Entrance Arch and Landmark design competition winners.

“Through this competition, the local communities are given the opportunity to give inputs on the design of the arch, which is reflective of the history of the area and the unity of our multiethnic and multireligious communities,” said the press release.

In his speech, Yap informed that he had also proposed in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting to the Sarawak government to carry out a study for a rejuvenation and beautification project to transform this Stabar Quarry which is within walking distance from Kota Sentosa Commercial area into a public park, with sports and public gathering facilities to serve as a tourist attraction.

He added that the proposed development of Stabar Quarry as a tourist attraction if it comes to fruition, will stimulate the local economy by creating more business and employment opportunities, which will benefit the local communities of Kota Sentosa immensely.

“On top of the approval of RM1 million for construction of the Grand Entrance Arch for the 7 Mile area, YB Wilfred Yap had also, to date, allocated and secured approval for RM1 million to upgrade the Seventh Mile old bazaar drainage to resolve flash floods.

“He has also gotten funds of RM500,000 to upgrade Kota Sentosa Town Square, RM400,000 to upgrade the Kota Sentosa Market, RM300,000 to upgrade the earth drains into concrete drains in front of Kota Sentosa Library, RM200,000 to upgrade the recreation park behind the 7 Mile old bazaar and more.

“All these projects are meant to enhance the Kota Sentosa commercial area as an attractive and desirable destination.”

The design competition was organised jointly by the Kota Sentosa Batu Tujuh village security and development committee (JKKK) and the Seven Mile Chamber of Commerce.

The winners are as follows:

Yap (second left) presenting an award to Chong Gee Eng.


  • First place: Chong Gee Eng
  • Second place: Chung Chien Pin
  • Third place: Alistair Aaron Ngui Chui Sheng

Consolation prizes:

  • Phang Siew Chow
  • Ng Hui Gek
  • Ng Ken Hong
  • Alvin Ng Yung Hung
Yap (fourth right) presenting an award to Shia Yih Phen.


  • First place: Shia Yih Phen
  • Second place: Cherilyn Vong
  • Third place: Chong Gee Eng

Consolation prizes:

  • Chai Kuek Hwa
  • Yiek Siew Jing
  • Ling Joo Jing
  • Ho Wee Ching
  • Ng Ken Hong

— DayakDaily