Retiree cheated out of life savings in Macau scam

Scam alert. — file pic // Photo: Pixabay

SIBU, Apr 9: A retiree lost his life savings of RM44,025 in a Macau scam after he was told that his identity card had been used in illegal activities.

Sibu district police chief, ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit said on Apr 7, the 64-year-old complainant received a call from a man who called himself ‘Inspector Yong’ from Kota Kinabalu police station.

“The suspect told him that his identity card has been used by someone to send drugs from Kota Kinabalu to Pahang and also for money laundering,” he said.

Soon after the line was transferred to a “police officer” who told the complainant that Kota Kinabalu police had arrested a drug addict for using his identity card for illegal activities.

“The suspect told the complainant that in order to solve this mess, he only had to pay certain amount of money,” said Stanley.

The complainant had from Apr 7 to 8, made a total of 18 transfers amounting to RM44,025 to an account provided by the suspect.

Stanley said the complainant only realised that he had been cheated when told by his bank.

The case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.—DayakDaily