Police in Bintulu monitoring flood-hit areas

Police carrying out patrols and helping those in need in flood-hit areas in Bintulu today.

KUCHING, Jan 25: Police in Bintulu have conducted monitoring and patrols in flood-hit areas in the district today.

Among the areas monitored are Kampung Sinong, Kampung Dato, Kampung Kemunting, Kampung Baru Laut Kampung Baru Tengah, Gem Park, Jalan Ing Ling, Jalan Tanjong Kidurong, Kidurong Avenue, Sungai Sebatang Squatter Settlement, Jalan Bintulu Port, Kampung Sungai Plan, Rumah Andy Kampung Banyai, Rumah Anthony Sungai Silas, Rumah Nyaing, Jalan Ulu Segan, Kampung Segan, and Jalan Ulu Sebauh.

According to the Bintulu District Police Headquarters, this is to gather data that will be channelled to the government agencies involved.

In the meantime, police have also advised the public to always follow the instructions from the authorities in the event of a flood.

These include moving immediately to temporary evacuation centres (PPS), not letting children play in the floodwaters which carries dangerous and life-threatening diseases, avoiding flooded areas, closing all major electrical switches, keeping important documents in waterproof storage containers, and ensuring adequate medicine supply. — DayakDaily