Police: Beware, `Towkay Lee Hong’ syndicate on the prowl

Gabriel Risut

MARUDI, July 18: Two civil servants and two local traders who have fallen prey to the ‘Towkay Lee Hong’ syndicate here have lodged police reports.

The oldest victim is 77-years-old and the youngest is in their 30s.

Baram police chief DSP Gabriel Risut said today that the modus operandi of the conmen was to repeatedly remind their victims to bank-in certain amounts of money into Maybank account number 158417205380 under the name Khor Zi Xian.

The syndicate frequently used the following telephone numbers: 016-9197998 and 011-21291138.

Gabriel reminded members of the public, especially those in Marudi District, to take precautions in order not to fall prey to this syndicate. — DayakDaily