Pol sec slams attempts to politicise dancing at legal fraternity social event

Soo Li Ching

KUCHING, Jan 22: Political secretary to the Chief Minister Soo Li Ching says that the recent dancing on stage at Gala Dinner for the Opening Legal Year 2019 event in Kota Kinabalu should not be politicised.

She also said critics should not be narrow-minded nor politicise every single issue to gain mileage and cheap publicity.

“Dancing during such a closed door social gathering within the legal fraternity does not mean it will in any way affected their professional attitude and behaviour in dealing with legal cases.

“Also as politicians in Sarawak, we do not simply politicise every single issue to gain cheap publicity which will subsequently affect the peace and harmony of Sarawak. We always put the interest of Sarawak first.

“Therefore, the critics should not be narrow-minded and stop all the unsubstantiated criticism,” said Soo in a statement yesterday.

On criticisms concerning Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum and Attorney General Tommy Thomas dancing on stage that night which had raised questions of ethical violations and conflict of interest, she said “those criticisms are unreasonable and unsubstantiable”.

“Also, being one of those who had been in the legal professions, I would at best understand the tradition and the practice of the legal community. The legal community is professional and mature enough to separate and differentiate between the professional life from the personal.

“The legal practitioners are all very serious in their work to uphold justice and to ensure justice has been done but when they are off from work, they can be playful and enjoy life like any other layman on the street,” said Soo.

As one of the participants who attended the Gala Dinner in Kota Kinabalu that night, she believed the dancing was just part of the entertainment during the legal fraternity’s social gatherings whereby it did not in anyhow seem to and would jeopardise integrity and impartiality of administration of justice.

“The public should not be over sensitive over something which happened during the social gathering.

“Sabah and Sarawak have always promoted peace and harmony and this can also be done through the traditional dance like poco-poco and Malay ‘joget’ during any social gatherings.

“I also hope that the traditions of the opening legal year (event) to be continued in the way it has been done over the years without fear,” said Soo. — DayakDaily