Please help us get out of Cambodia, says Sibu man among 20 Malaysian job scam victims

A screenshot of the TVS news broadcast showing a live interview with a Cambodia job scam victim (right).

KUCHING, Oct 14: Some 20 Malaysians, among them two Sarawakians, are actively seeking help from the government to get them out of Cambodia and back home safely as soon as possible.

In an exclusive interview with TVS, one of the victims, a Sibu man who wished only to be known as Wong, said he and the other victims were currently staying in a hotel in Cambodia.

He said they had been rescued from the syndicate’s base and placed at the hotel by the Cambodia police, for about a month now.

Prior to that, Wong said he had attempted to contact the Cambodia police and also sent some messages to the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia on social media.

While still in hiding at the hotel, Wong managed to get hold of TVS to tell his story, hoping that the Malaysian government could send help as soon as possible.

Deceived by a job offering promising high pay, Wong had traveled to Cambodia last November. When he arrived at the airport, he revealed, he was ushered straight into a van which then drove him to the syndicate’s base.

For the first two months there, he said he was instructed to work with pay, but after that, he was assigned to lure more victims to the scam on Facebook, mainly targeting those in the United States and Canada.

“They asked me to scam those in Canada and US, then China, but not Malaysia. They don’t want Malaysians. Most of them (the victims) are from US and Canada because they (the scammers) like USD, they like US dollar,” said Wong.

Though in constant anxiety, he said he could only pray that help would arrive fast so that he could escape his plight. — DayakDaily