Petros collaborates with Bomba in Celik Suri programme

PETROS Health, Safety, Security and Environment senior manager Abang Rahim Drashid (seated 2nd right) with Bomba zone 6 chief Law Poh Kiong (seated right) and firefighters at the Celik SURI program.

By Nancy Nais

MULU, Oct 1: There are so many things that need to be done to help the rural interior folks in emergency preparedness and this is where large companies can come in to assist.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, Petroleum Sarawak Berhad (Petros) recently collaborated with Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Sarawak in the Celik SURI (Sedia Urus Risiko Isirumah) program which was recently held at Kampung Sungai Batu Bungan’s rural service centre in Mulu.

Attended by 20 women including housewives staying in Batu Bungan, Kpg Sg Melinau and Mulu bazaar vicinity, participants were trained on what to do in the event of fire, emergency response, basic first aid, and how to use fire extinguishers.

Celik SURI participants getting their training from firefighters.

They were also given talks on fire prevention by Marudi fire station chief Maureen Sim and her team of fire fighters.

Apart from focusing on safety outside their home, these women were also taught on the importance of indoors safety especially while cooking in the kitchen, as even the slightness negligence can lead to disaster.

Due to Mulu’s extreme remote location, it is understood that villagers will have to fend or help themselves first while waiting for others to arrive.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Petros Health, Safety, Security and Environment senior manager Abang Rahim Drashid said this is their first CSR program with Bomba Sarawak.

A Celik SURI participant gets to have hands on to douse kitchen fire.

“We always hear the word ‘safety’ and people going around commenting what is safe and what is not. This sort of situation gives the impression that the level of awareness is good. However, what is more important is that everyone must also understand what is safety and the purpose of maintaining it.

“Thus, the collaboration and commitment from Bomba zone 6 led by its chief Law Poh Kiong for this event is commendable. The challenges to hold the event in Mulu are there, but we believe that everyone can do more and the event by Bomba is a testament of hard work, dedication and mutual interests to ensure safe environment at home, workplaces and schools,” Abang Rahim pointed.

He added that PETROS looked forward for more future collaborations with Bomba to spread safety advocacy and practices in Sarawak.

A Celik SURI participant learning about basic first aid.

PETROS also donated 100 fire extinguishers to the communities in Mulu, including Celik SURI participants where they received one unit each.

According to Bomba Sarawak director Khirudin Drahman, due to most fire cases occurred from home, Bomba Malaysia had launched the Celik SURI which aims to convey information to housewives on fire safety aspects in their homes.

The Celik SURI program has three main objectives namely; to enhance the culture of fire safety and fire prevention practices, provide exposure and knowledge to family members on techniques and methods of escape, and cultivate a spirit of concern among neighbors in terms of safety during fire, life and property.

Meanwhile, the event in Mulu also coincides with Bomba Sarawak’s 7th edition ‘Summer Camp’which was slightly different as compared to the past six years.

This year’s event saw five programs namely Bomba Komuniti, Water Safety Activity, Children Fire Safety (3K) Club, Celik SURI as well as Summer Camp involving 150 participants which were conducted simultaneously.

Summer Camp 2020 participants with Bomba Sarawak, Petronas, Petronas Carigali, SSGP, Petros, SEB and LSS.

The 150 participants who took part in the three-day camp came from Kampung Long Iman, Long Terawan, Sungai Melinau, Kampung Batu Bungan, Mulu National Park and Mulu Marriott Resort, which saw all of them being exposed knowledge such as usage of fire extinguisher, smoke crawling, home smoke detector usage,fire demonstrations, handling of kitchen fire, early emergency treatment, self-rescue procedures and evacuation of buildings.

Then 34 children from Pendika Kindergarten and Tadika Batu Bungan Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) also joined the Children Fire Safety (3K)club.

The Summer Camp was also a collaboration with Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas), Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Petronas Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP), Ministry of Utilities, Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB), Sarawak Rivers Board (LSS) and the State Education Department (JPNS). — DayakDaily