PDP president calls for cultivation of political literacy, patriotism among future leaders

Dato Sri Tiong King Sing

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Aug 30: Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing expressed hope that Malaysia’s education system will be dedicated to cultivating political literacy and patriotism among the future leaders of the nation.

The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China in his National Day message asserted future leaders of the country must be equipped with clear thinking with which to judge various issues instead of practising incendiary and ignorant politics popular with some politicians today.

“May the development of our nation continue on a moderate path, with the people able to discern between the genuine leaders who put forth practical solutions and those who merely strive to gain power through deceptive and misleading ways, without differentiating between right and wrong.

“When the wrong politicians are given free rein to seize power, our sacrifices of the past 63 years in building this country will be in vain.

“Like a fast-moving train slamming on the brakes, and reversing on the track,” he highlighted in a statement.

Additionally, the Bintulu MP opined that the future of the country has always been in the hands of the people.

Thus, he also hoped that the younger generations of Malaysians will shoulder the responsibilities as model citizens, give more thought to the current social and national affairs facing the nation and apply themselves.

Tiong who is Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president observed that through his involvement in politics for more than 20 years, he has witnessed some politicians who would stoop to extreme views and deceptive methods to gain advantage for their own side, and he had felt heartbreak to see such behaviour.

“My philosophy had not wavered; I believe all political parties’ service quality and performance must be the yardstick to win the approval and votes.

“To repeatedly spit on our ethnic harmony and fan incendiary and sensitive issues of race, religion and so on will inevitably burn the foundation of 63 years of our nationhood,” he added.

Tiong noted that there is a Malay proverb which goes, ‘Bersatu Teguh, Bercerai Roboh’, which means there is strength in unity, and the risk of collapse when there is division.

On August 31 which marks National Day, he noted one could not help but reflect on why cohesion in national unity has been eroding gradually, in various ways.

He added politicians have incessantly hammered along racial lines, religious issues, and educational diversity, and make incendiary remarks for political mileage, splitting the community without care for the consequences of their actions.

Hence, he emphasised it is time for Malaysians to think back to the Malaysia of a decade ago, and ethnic relations back then.

“Our culture of tolerance was strong then, allowing us to live in harmony and respect for each other. The picture now is beyond recognition.

“Let’s learn from our past and make changes for the current day,” he added. — DayakDaily