PBK identifying candidates for remaining 9 seats for PRN12

Voon Lee Shan

KUCHING, Nov 24: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is in the final stage of identifying its candidates for the remaining nine seats that the political party will contest in the upcoming 12th Sarawak Election (PRN12).

Its president Voon Lee Shan disclosed that the constituencies for which PBK has yet to confirm a candidate are Tupong, Samariang, Demak Laut, Layar, Bukit Saban, Balingian, Kuala Rajang, Semop and Murum.

“There are a few more seats that we are negotiating and we are almost there now.


“We have identified candidates for more than three quarters of the 82 seats, which we are going to contest it all,” he told reporters during a press conference at a hotel here today.

On the challenges of identifying a suitable candidate, Voon said financial constraint was one of the main issues as the candidate himself or herself will have to fork out the deposit to contest in PRN12 from their own pockets.

He explained that there were no sponsor for PBK candidates contesting in the Sarawak Election.

Nonetheless, Voon noted there were a number of candidates interested to represent PBK in the upcoming Sarawak election.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission (EC) today fixed Dec 18 as the polling date, Dec 6 as nomination date and early voting on Dec 14 for PRN12.

PRN12 was called following the dissolution of the Sarawak Legislative Assembly on Nov 3.

On another note, Voon said the political party will not join forces with other opposition parties in PRN12 although some political parties were also fighting for independence for Sarawak.

He pointed out that their struggles were not the same as PBK’s. — DayakDaily