Padawan police: Viral riot footage resulted from sibling fight, suspects identified

Screenshots from the video that went viral on Facebook.

KUCHING, Feb 23: Padawan police have received a report indicating that a recent viral riot video stemmed from a fight between siblings and their respective friends in front of a premises in Jalan Batu Kawa/Matang.

Padawan District Police Chief Supt Abang Zainal Abidin Abang Ahmad said a Facebook account named Arif Danial had uploaded two videos depicting the incident on Feb 21.

The first video shows a vehicle being driven at high speed while the second video seems to show a fight between several individuals seen from a distance.

“On Feb 22, at 10.06pm, we have received a report from a complainant in his 30s, who stated that the incident in the footage was resulted from a fight between siblings, joined by their respective friends, in front of a premises in Jalan Batu Kawa/Matang here.

“The complainant only suffered a minor head injuries due to a fall while running away and was treated as an outpatient at a private medical center,” he said in a statement today.

The case is being investigated under Section 147 of the Penal Code which provides for a jail term of up to two years or fine, or both upon conviction.

Abang Zainal also said several suspects have been identified and an operation called Op Cantas has been launched to arrest all the suspects involved.

He also reminded the public to report any criminal acts direct to the police so that investigations can be carried out immediately instead of spreading the incident on social media platforms.

Individuals with information regarding this case are welcome to come forward to assist the investigation. — DayakDaily