NGO urges Sarawakians to remain tolerant, avoid fanatic and extremist attitudes

Unity. — file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, March 2: The Society for Tolerance and Awareness Kuching (SOFTAA) is calling on Sarawakians to stay calm and continue to pray for stability and peace in the country.

Its president Mohd Yusof Baharudhin said tolerance is a key point for the Sarawak community and Sarawakians should avoid fanatic and extremist attitudes against other religions.

“We must be tolerant of each other even as to our children, from the day they are born until they are in school and also once they reach university level.

“Fanatic and extremist attitudes towards other religions and touching on the sensitivities of other races also must be avoided at all cost although Sarawak has been living in multi religious, cultural harmony,” he said in a press statement today in response to the recent Federal Court ruling that the Sarawak Syariah Court has the jurisdiction to hear apostasy cases.

Unlike other countries with religious conflict that lead to war, he reminded Sarawakians to stay the way they are for peace and stability.

He hoped that SOFTAA could be a mediator as a registered NGO which focusses on unity and religious tolerance, and they would continue to create awareness on the Rukun Negara concept and uphold the Federal Constitution.

“Our young people must be taught in school to be grateful that our beloved country is still the best role model to other countries for many decades. We can no longer stand racial and religious sentiments being played up by unscrupulous groups being stirred up against our brothers and sisters as we live harmoniously,” he said. — DayakDaily