New kitchen, room for SK St Andrew to be completed next month

Dr Yii (left) speaking with SK St Andrew staff at the project site during a visit to check on the current progress of the construction work.

KUCHING, Jan 14: Students and teachers of SK St Andrew, Sg Apong here will soon have a brand new kitchen and room at a total cost of RM53,857 next month.

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii paid a visit to the school to check on the work in progress today.

He said that the kitchen is to prepare meals for the many poor students who come to school without meals from their home and the new room is to facilitate teaching students about life skills.

“Prior to this project, the school had informed us of the need for a new kitchen and room. So after discussions with different people including contractors to get the value for the project, we allocated funding for the construction of the kitchen and also for the PIBG (Parent-Teacher Association) to do activities including purchasing food for the poor students,” he said in a statement today.

He said that most of these students are from poor socio-economic background, with many staying in the squatter areas nearby.

In total, there are 374 students in the primary school and 25 students in the pre-school.

The majority of the students are Dayak (60 per cent with Iban at 35 per cent), Bidayuh (25 per cent ), Chinese (five per cent) and the rest Malay.

Dr Yii said that during his last visit, he discussed with the principal and also PIBG on ways to help students to get a good quality education experience in the school.

“We want to make sure every child gets a decent and nutritious meal on top of quality access to education. No child should be left behind,” he said. — DayakDaily