Nancy Shukri: Serumbu has great potential to develop further under Miro Simuh

Nancy (left) trying on a traditional Bidayuh hat when visiting the Ayak Gallery as Miro (second left) and others look on.

By Jacob Achoi

BAU, Dec 12: Federal Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Dato Sri Nancy Shukri commended the effort made by Serumbu candidate Miro Simuh to transform the area.

She mentioned Siniawan bazaar, which has been revived to become a lively tourism spot and a night market to generate business.

“In terms of tourism, Serumbu has great potential to develop, and this has been laid by Miro, and on my part as a minister, I will continue to help to boost Serumbu as a tourism destination further,” Nancy said at the opening of the Ayak Gallery in Siniawan here yesterday.

Because of this, she urged voters in the area to continue giving Miro the mandate for the continuity to transform the area further, adding that the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) candidate has made a great effort.

Nancy said there were plenty of hidden gems in the area that can be further developed that need the support of the people through the GPS government.

Meanwhile, Nancy urged the industrial tourism players to promote their tourism products during this Covid-19 pandemic.

She said now is the time for the industrial players to promote and improve their products.

“At this point of time, where foreign tourists are not able to come (to Sarawak) due to restrictions because of Covid-19, I do hope that the industrial players improve and promote their products to prepare for the arrival of tourists once Covid-19 is over,” she said. ― DayakDaily