Najib calls out Violet for having ‘hati tisu’

Screenshot of Najib's Facebook post in response to Yong's allegation of cybertroopers.

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Feb 17: Apparently Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong has a heart made of tissue (‘hati tisu’), says former Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Razak.

Describing her as a faint-hearted person, Najib condemned Yong for her comments to the Sarawak media alleging cybertroopers had stormed one of her social media posts concerning the ‘Premier’ tissue brand after Najib had made a social media post over the matter.

“She promoted the tissue paper brand in the Sarawak DUN (State Legislative Assembly) but apparently her heart is made of tissue as well.

“She did low-class things but when criticised by netizens, she complained to the media that she and DAP (Democratic Action Party) were bullied by cybertroopers so she had to turn off the comment section.

“This time I did not attach the link to her post, otherwise she will complain to the media again,” he said in a social post yesterday (Feb 16).

Najib was responding to a statement by Yong yesterday where she told the press that Peninsular Malaysian anti-DAP cybertroopers had flooded her social media post with regards to her likening the new ‘Premier’ designation for Sarawak’s head of government to a tissue paper brand.

She said she was called names and heavily criticised in the comments, so she had no choice but to turn off commenting for that post.

For her antics during the recent debate in DUN sitting, Yong was also lambasted by Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth deputy chief Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman as the DUN is not the place for “stand-up comedy”.

Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah also described Yong’s antics as “despicable” for ridiculing the efforts of the government to elevate the status of Sarawak. — Dayakdaily