Murum rep calls for 374km of former logging roads in constituency to be upgraded

Logging road. File photo.

By Marlynda Meraw

KUCHING, May 10: Murum assemblyman Kennedy Chukpai Ugon urges clarification in relation to his application to upgrade former logging roads with a total estimated length of 374km in the Murum constituency.

Chukpai especially highlighted the logging roads along Jelalong, Tubau, Ulu Sg Belaga, Long Urun, Metalun, Tegulang, Sg Linau, and Sg Asap as the areas that required the upgrades.


“The condition of these roads is very bad; its timber crossing has rotted and is not safe to use, especially during the rainy season,” said Chukpai during his debate on the fifth day of DUS sitting today.

He hoped that the federal government, through the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (MRRD), would be able to provide sufficient allocations in order to realise development in rural areas which have been marginalised for a very long time.

Meanwhile, Chukpai expressed his interest in the cascading power source project as he believes that the Murum area possesses great potential, citing the many rivers and their strong currents that could prove to be suitable for the construction of the Cascading Power Source.

“Among them (rivers) would be the Danum River, Mali River, Seping River, Baluipe River, Murum River, and Linau River, which are also near the Murum and Bakun hydro grid,” Chukpai added.

However, Chukpai said that he would only apply to the cascading power source project after receiving approvals from the hosting communities or communities that live close to the rivers he had listed earlier. — DayakDaily