Murder suspect caught

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By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, June 5: It becomes a mystery when a man who had run away from an attack turned out to be the murder suspect of the case.

The incident happened on Wednesday (June 3) when the 54-year-old suspect was attacked by the deceased by using a machete from behind at 7.43 pm at a garden located at Taman Sri Permai Landeh.

The suspect was believed to have fought back and managed to escape from the deceased.

The suspect who suffered heavy injuries on his head and left shoulders was immediately brought to Sarawak General Hospital for immediate treatment by his neighbours.

A police report was also made after the incident.

According to the police investigation report, the suspect was believed to have retaliated by chocking and hacking the deceased with a one-foot long machete.

The police went to the deceased’s house on June 4 and took away the machete for investigation.

Police later proceeded to the scene with the suspect on the same day and the deceased was found dead laying on the ground.

The deceased was found dead laying on the ground when the police went to the scene for investigation.

A golden bracelet and a pair of rubber shoes that belonged to the suspect were also found at the scene.

The suspect had identified and confirmed that the deceased was the person who had attacked him on the previous night.

Hospital forensic team led by Dr Nurliza bt Ibrahim and police forensic team led by Insp Suhail Saaidi had been deployed to the scene to investigate the case.

The suspect is being remanded and brought to the Kuching court on Friday. -DayakDaily