MPP, depts collaborate to clear blockage at Tmn Suchihandal to prevent floods, mosquito breeding

Tan Kai (green shirt) and workers from various municipal departments at the severely blocked drain at Taman Suchihandal, Jalan Stephen Yong.

KUCHING, Feb 19: The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP), in collaboration with multiple municipal departments, has addressed a severe drain blockage at the entrance of Taman Suchihandal, Jalan Stephen Yong, to prevent flash floods, mosquito breeding, and community cleanliness.

According to an MPP press release issued today, the drain culvert was overgrown with shrubs and weeds, leading to clogging, with garbage and mineral water bottles scattered around.

“MPP’s engineering, public health, and landscape departments work together to clear one of the severe drain blockages reported by the public.

“The Council employed various methods, including chainsaw, sky master, and grass-cutting workers, to clear the blockage today,” read the press release.

It went on to say that the council pledges to continue monitoring other areas, especially those frequently complained about by the public regarding drainage issues, and clearing blockages as much as possible.

“MPP also hopes that residents will become the Council’s ears and eyes, providing accurate information.”

Meanwhile, Tan Kai, chairman of MPP, emphasised the need for vigilance during the rainy season due to heavy rainfall and high tides causing river water levels to rise, leading to overflow and flooding.

He also stressed the importance of unity in addressing flood-related challenges amidst climate change, urging cooperation rather than blame.

“We must pay attention to global climate change, rising water levels, and the issue of extreme weather.

“We must work hard to reduce the risk of floods, control river water levels, and plan water level drainage systems. These require cooperation from all parties,” he was quoted as saying.

Tan Kai further noted that MPP will discuss flood-related issues in the community and plan drainage systems. At the same time, he will meet with the leaders of the flood-affected kampung communities under MPP jurisdiction. — DayakDaily