Movement barred on 13 new localities with EMCO, 20 let free

A file photo of a stop sign placed before the entrance to an area under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

By Christopher Lidom

KUCHING, Sept 24: A total of 13 localities in Julau, Lubok Antu, Sarikei, Betong, Saratok, Bintulu and Miri were enforced with Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) implementation.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in the daily Covid-19 report today, said in four localities involving Rh. Nyanau in Nanga Telesa Mujok and Rh. Sally in Lubok Langgir Ulu Merurun, both of Julau, as well as Rh. Mani in Kumpang Paoh B Engkilili and Rh. Liam in Rantau Kemayau Manis Ulu Engkari, both of Lubok Antu, the 10-day lockdown started today (Sept 24) and will run until Oct 3.


Concerning Rh. Nyanggau in Sg. Meramat, and Rh. Endawie in Sg. Kawan, both in Sarikei, including Rh. Jana and Rh. Augustine Mat in Tanah Putih, the 10-day EMCO will start tomorrow (Sept 25) until Oct 5.

The same period of lockdown (Sept 25 until Oct 5) will also apply to Rh. Intai in Suri Baruh and Rh. Tila Luing, both of Betong, and Rh. Loya Seman in Kamidan Asal of Saratok.

For two other localities namely Rh. Achoi Anak Jampung and Rh. Lang Anak Baja in Batu 18 of Bintulu, the localised movement restriction started yesterday (Sept 23) and will run for 10 days until Oct 2, while that of USMP Industries Sdn Bhd which is located in Lot 1528-1529 Permy Technology Park in Tudan of Miri also started yesterday (Sept 23), but will run for 11 days until Oct 3.

Meanwhile, the committee also announced the end of EMCO in 20 localities throughout the State starting today (Sept 24).

Among the affected localities are Rh. Ruang in Sg. Tekalong in Sarikei, Rh. Sumpun in Sg. Selidap of Sarikei, Rh. Gundak in Sg. Paoh of Sarikei, Rh. Ganda in Manding of Pakan, Rh. Elly in Kerangan Langgir of Pakan, Rh. Jembau in Tanjong Kedang of Pakan, Rh. Barak in Nyalak Ili of Pakan, Rh. Kadam in Sg. Buloh of Pakan, Rh. Mancha in Ng Moa Ulu Sungai of Pakan, Rh. Suir in Wak of Pakan, Rh. Richard Dom in Lubok Geraji of Pakan, as well as Rh. Lawang in Sg. Kura of Pakan.

This include Kampung San Deman in Undop of Sri Aman, Rh. Manggat in Sg. Pelandok of Betong, Rh. Jembat in Ulu Dit Debak of Betong, Kampung Hulu Meludam of Pusa, Kampung Samarang of Pusa, a rented room above Sin Thian Hiang Cafe shop of Bintulu, Tamar Estate’s workers quarters in Semanok of Tatau, and Rh. John Anak Damu in Sg. Labang KM60 along Bintulu-Miri road of Sebauh. —DayakDaily