More than just a bird cage

Abdul Rahman showing a bird cage made in Thailand.

By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Feb 9: For those into bird keeping, finding the right cage is important to ensure their pets are comfortable.

Abdul Rahman, 59, who have been selling bird cages for the past three years, said most bird keepers, like every pet lovers, want to give the best for their pets and constantly looking for the latest accessories and good quality food.

The quality of bird cages, sizes and shapes, as well as type of materials are important for bird keepers, as they also prioritised its upkeep, he added.

“Business seems to be booming, as the demand for good quality cages has increased. This is also in parallel with the increasing interest among the locals in bird keeping as a hobby,” he said when met at a bird singing competition at Kampung Piasau here today.

Good quality bird food are in good demand from bird lovers. One of the seller, Maznah Morshidi, holding one of their best selling item.

Abdul Rahman set up a booth at the competition arena and was selling various types of cages, providing potential buyers with options at reasonable prices.

“I obtain my supply of cages from Java, Indonesia. The selling prices ranges from RM150 to RM250, depending on the design and accessories of the cages, because different type of birds have different needs,” he said.

He added that hot selling cages are those meant for Burung Murai Batu, while the most expensive cages are those from Thailand due to the difference in materials and quality.

Most of the cages that he is selling are made from bamboo, he continued. — DayakDaily