Miri celebrates bubok season with inaugural bubok fest at Kuala Batu Satu fish market

Mayor Adam Yii (standing 6th from left) posing for a group photo with the shrimp upon the arrival of the local fishermen from the sea.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Feb 22: Hundreds of people were drawn to the first ‘bubok’ fest at Kuala Batu Satu fish market in Kuala Baram on Saturday morning as they looked for fresh ‘bubok’ or small shrimp delicacies.

Among those present was Miri Mayor Adam Yii, who took the chance to go out to sea aboard a fishing boat to see how the fishermen catch the ‘bubok’.

It was the first edition of the event organised by Miri City Council (MCC) held here aimed not only to attract locals but those from outside Miri such as Bruneians.

Other sideline activities were also held during the one-day event in conjunction with the ‘bubok’ season that started since early January.

Apart from selling fresh bubok, other products featuring bubok such as ‘cucur bubok’, ‘pitis bubok’ , belacan, ‘keropok bubok’ and ‘cencaluk’ sold like hot cakes as the crowds came rolling in.

DayakDaily also tried some products made from the ‘bubok’ while browsing the stalls at Kuala Batu Satu fish market.

The bubok were not only fresh, but offered at very affordable prices, ranging from RM5 to RM30.

For those who preferred to dine there rather than order takeaway, they could enjoy the scenery while having the delicious ‘keropok bubok’ together with a cup of coffee which only cost RM1.

Unique and very affordable. —DayakDaily

Mayor Adam Yii onboard the boat.
Delicious ‘cucur bubok’ sold like hot cakes.
Waiting for the boats to come in with fresh catch of bubok.