Minister urges China’s Fudan University to consider joint medical faculty with Miri Hospital for herbal medicine studies in Sarawak

Lee (second right) presenting a memento to Dong at Miri Hospital on May 28, 2024. Photo credit: TVS

By DayakDaily Team

MIRI, May 29: The Institute of Integrative Medicine of Fudan University, China has been urged to explore the possibility of establishing a collaborative medical faculty in collaboration with Miri Hospital to delve into research in traditional and herbal medicine in Sarawak.

In a news report by TVS, Minister of Transport Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin, in making this proposal, stressed Miri’s suitability for hosting such a facility due to its strategic location on Borneo island, encompassing Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, alongside its rapid pace of development.


“Conducting such research would address pressing health concerns, such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, prevalent among Malaysians,” he remarked when extending a warm welcome to the delegation from Fudan University during their visit yesterday (May 28).

The delegation, led by Professor Dong Jingcheng, toured the new Miri Hospital building.

Given Sarawak’s wealth of biodiversity, particularly in herbs and plants, Lee, who is also the Senadin assemblyman, underscored the vast potential awaiting exploration, particularly in medical research.

“Sarawak is blessed with untapped resources brimming with potential. With the establishment of this integrative medicine initiative and the bolstering of our research capabilities, we can present new pharmaceutical drugs, products and solutions that can enhance public health,” he elaborated.

Lee emphasised the significance of delving into new medicinal avenues to enhance public health and uncover remedies for ailments.

“This endeavour is crucial in unlocking the potential of novel medicines for enhancing public health and potentially finding cures for diseases that currently lack definitive treatments, such as cancer,” he said. — DayakDaily