KPDN to take stern action on traders violating Gawai Dayak maximum price scheme

Azman (centre) and Sarawak KPDN director Matthew Dominic Barin (right) inspecting controlled goods at a retail outlet on May 29, 2024. Photo credit: KPDN

By Dayak Daily Team.

KUCHING, May 29: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) will take stern action against traders who violate the Festive Season Maximum Price Scheme (SHMMP) for Gawai Dayak 2024 says its general-director of enforcement, Datuk Azman Adam.

Azman revealed that a total of eight price-controlled items have been gazetted under this scheme, including fresh whole chicken, chicken wings, imported garlic from China, imported round cabbage from Indonesia and China excluding cabbage from Beijing, curly dried chillies, live pigs (maximum price imposed at farm level only),pork intestines, and pork meat (three-layer or tenderloin).


He elaborated that SHMMP Hari Gawai 2024 will be enforced through the Control Act Prices and Antiprofiteering (AKHAP) 2011 and this would also give traders ample time to adjust the pricing of these controlled items.

“The validity period for SHMMP is for seven days, which is three days before the day of the festival, one day on the day of the festival and three days after the day of the festival,” he said in a statement today after conducting a random check on a retail outlet with officers from KPDN Sarawak today.

Azman highlighted the aim of SHMMP Gawai Dayak 2024 is to benefit members of the public as the government is concerned about the current high cost of living due to rising prices of goods and services.

He added that KPDN enforcement officers throughout Sarawak are already carrying out inspections and monitoring in strategic locations such as in public markets, farmers’ markets and shopping malls.

“This approach enables enforcement to be implemented more effectively and immediate action can be taken over consumer complaints in the event of non-compliance.

“Actions can be taken on any trader who fails to comply with the regulations under this scheme and they could be heavily penalised by AKHAP 2011,” he added.

Wholesalers and retailers may access information on the scheme through the KPDN website at — DayakDaily