MCC: Only registered collectors permitted to collect used cooking oil

Image by Pexels from Pixabay — file pic

KUCHING, July 30: Only registered collectors will be allowed to collect used cooking oil from all the eateries under MCC jurisdiction, in order to protect public health.

According to Miri City Council (MCC), it has always prioritised the environment and health of Miri City residents.

“All the eateries under MCC jurisdiction will have to dispose of their used cooking oil via these registered used cooking oil collectors. This is now part of the eateries licensing conditions effective from 1st January 2021.

“The purpose of this new policy is to ensure that all the used cooking oil from the eateries will not be allowed to be reprocessed to re-enter the food chain (recycled cooking oil), therefore protecting the health of the people in Miri,” a press statement released by the council today read.

The council also encourage all current collectors and interested parties to contact the MCC Public Health Section to obtain a copy of the criteria to register as a used cooking oil collector. There will be no registration charges or fees.

MCC revealed the registered collectors will be audited and monitored regularly to ensure they comply with all the licensing conditions and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the selling price for the used cooking oil is to be decided between the eatery and used cooking oil collector.

“The additional benefit of this policy is that it will reduced the amount of used cooking oil that is poured into the drainage system that commonly blocks the city drains causing overflows and also reduce the foul smell from drains.

“This initiative is carried out by the Green Communities and Environment Development Committee as part of their responsibility under community health and also the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” the statement added. — DayakDaily