MBKS’ used cooking oil buyback campaign at Kenyalang Park tomorrow (March 2)

File photo for illustration purposes only. Photo credit: Pixabay

KUCHING, March 1: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) will be organising a used cooking oil buyback campaign at Kenyalang Park Recycle Centre tomorrow (March 2) from 8.30am to 11am.

The campaign, under the Waste Bank programme, is jointly conducted with Kim Huang Enterprise and FatHopes Energy.

Both participating companies will buy back used oil at RM2.50 per kilogramme.

The Waste Bank programme aims to provide community-based waste management services with an environmentally friendly and responsible approach.

It emphasises education, social empowerment, collaboration, and technology to drive Sarawak, particularly Kuching, towards a circular economy.

A promotional material of used cooking oil buyback campaign on March 2, 2024.

Reusing used cooking oil proves to be beneficial as it can be repurposed into different products.

Based on research online, it can be turned into fuel alternatives such as biodiesels and biofuels for vehicles, animal feed through composting, as well as a number of different household products and cleaning materials like soaps, candles, paint remover, lubricants, shampoo and moisturiser.

Households, especially commercial users, are advised not to dispose of their used cooking oil by pouring it down the kitchen sink, as it could harm the environment.

Instead, they should collect it and resell it to make some money while contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. — DayakDaily