MBKS, 2 NGOs send immediate aid to 44 fire victims of Kampung Bintawa Hilir

Wee (standing, third left) and Loo (standing, second left) listening to one of the fire victims who are being put up at Kampung Bintawa Hilir Community Hall after a fire destroyed nine houses this morning (Jan 5, 2024).

KUCHING, Jan 5: Kuching South City Hall (MBKS), Kuching Love Book Association, and 38 Yayasan Amal Cinta handed over donations amounting to RM13,000 to the 44 fire victims of Kampung Bintawa Hilir.

MBKS mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng and May Loo Hun Ing of Kuching Love Book Association visited the fire victims of Kampung Bintawa Hilir this morning after receiving news that nine houses in the village had been destroyed by fire early this morning. 

Apart from handing over RM500 monetary aid for each affected household, MBKS and the two NGOs also contributed 90 cartons of drinking water, 45 cartons of packet drinks, 35 cartons of biscuits, 20 cartons of cup noodles, 70 sets of packed food (ayam bakar), and 70 canned drinks to the fire victims who are currently staying at the Kampung Bintawa Hilir Community Hall. 

Wee (third from right) handing over food aid to a fire victim of Kampung Bintawa Hilir. (Jan 5, 2024).

“The total donation of the above-mentioned amounts to RM13,000, and Dato Wee would like to take this opportunity to thank 38 Yayasan Amal Cinta for such a kind gesture and generous donation as he believes that such a donation would lessen the burden of the family,” said MBKS in a press statement today.

Wee also thanked the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) for their quick response in preventing the fire from spreading to nearby houses. 

He encouraged the village residents to keep a fire extinguisher at home and reminded them not to block or tamper with fire hydrants, which is a violation of the law and may severely impede Bomba’s rescue efforts.

Wee also promised to send standing fans to Kampung Bintawa Hilir Community Hall to ensure the comfort of the victims during their stay in the community hall. — DayakDaily