Masing: PH manifesto impractical, conceived during ‘dream time’

Tan Sri James Masing

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, July 11: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Jemut Masing believed that the manifesto of former Pakatan Harapan (PH) government was impractical while some of their leaders were “dreamers” and inexperienced to administrate the country.

He opined that most of the PH leaders just wanted to gain power and did not have the know-how to administer the country.

As a result, Masing believed that their greed for power and inexperience in administering the country caused their downfall.

“PH manifestos were conceived during their ‘dream times’, so when they woke up then reality set in.

“That’s when their troubles begin.

“PH leaders then were full of dreamers and inexperienced in governing the nation except for a few.

“Most them just want a position and not how and how to administer this country.

“That was the cause of their downfall after less than two years,” he said in a statement.

Masing was responding on the comment by former International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz who claimed that PH’s manifesto was “fat”.

Rafidah reportedly said that during her time with the Barisan Nasional (BN), the coalition did not provide a big manifesto.

She added that there was no point in giving a detailed manifesto “to the last decimal point” as no one could predict the future citing the Covid-19 pandemic as an example.

Rafidah had previously said PH’s mistake in administering the country was their big manifesto.

Rafidah was responding to Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh during a live Facebook session who raised the issue that the current Perikatan Nasional (PN) government did not have a manifesto and that PH’s manifesto was not easy to be practiced by the civil service.—DayakDaily