Many musical talents waiting to be uncovered in Sarawak, says Muda

United Democratic Malaysia (Muda) logo.

KUCHING, Jan 19: Many Sarawakians are talented in music, but they do not receive enough attention and support, says United Democratic Malaysia (Muda) Sarawak.

Muda information chief Afiq Khatem said many Sarawak-born artists such as Alena Murang, Sada Borneo, and Zee Avi had made their mark on the international stage.

Locally, he added, there are rising talents who are currently limited to singing at bistros, restaurants and public spaces.

“Some of them do have talent, they just need a little push and support from various stakeholders.”

He held the view that various local radios and government-owned media like RTM and TVS should prioritise and provide more coverage to local Sarawak talents.

The government through Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak as key decider in the industry is thus urged to create new policies to incentivise local artists and talents for their continuous growth..

“This also applies to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia. The said ministries should engage with local industry players and communities to hear their voices, understand them, and work together with them,” said Afiq in a statement today.

He was responding to a prior statement by Sarawak-born crossover pianist Jolynn J Chin, saying that local music was rarely played on local radio and television stations compared to foreign music.

Jolynn who was featured on America’s Got Talent also urged for more airplay for local talents in order for the industry to grow. — DayakDaily