‘Malaysian Muslims should continue to help foster unity’

Abdul Aziz Isa

KUCHING, Dec 24: Muslims in the country must continue to help foster inter-racial harmony, integration and unity, which are vital ingredients for the success of a multiracial Malaysia.

In making the call, Democratic Action Party (DAP) Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Sarawak publicity secretary Abdul Aziz Isa said Sabah and Sarawak are excellent examples of unity in diversity, where Malaysians from diverse ethnic backgrounds live, learn, work and play together.

“I always believe that being a Malaysian does not make anyone less Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, etc.

“We should start accepting each other as Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, and be proud to identify ourselves first as Malaysians, for such identification fosters patriotism and develops unity,” he said in his Christmas message today.

Abdul Aziz pointed out that although ethnic relations in the country were generally satisfactory, the people must not take this for granted. Everyone must do their part to nurture and reinforce it.

“Unity is a priceless gift and a symbol of our humanity. It is the foundation upon which we build relationships, families, communities and a nation. It is the bond that seals our nationhood,” he said. — DayakDaily