Lo’s first ceramah at Moyan Genesis Parade off to melodious start with over 300 supporters, ends on drizzly note

Over 300 turned up at Lo's first ceramah session at Moyan Genesis Parade here tonight (Nov 11, 2022).

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Nov 11: Over 300 people were gathered at Moyan Genesis Parade here in front of Megabite Cafe to hear what P196 Stampin candidate for GPS-SUPP Lo Khere Chiang has to say during his first ceramah (political talk).

The weather was cool at 7.30pm when the event kicked off with a group of young performers singing praises of GPS and Lo.

Following the welcoming performance were speeches by Batu Kitang branch publicity representative Leonard Tan, Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) president Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian, and Stampin operation secretary Gerald Goh.

At about 8.30pm, Lo arrived and the audience whistled and cheered, as they chanted his name: “YB Lo! YB Lo! YB Lo!”

Lo took his time to wave at his supporters and shook some of their hands as he made his way to the stage.

As he was doing so, rain began to pour, prompting everyone to rush for shelter at a nearby coffeeshop.

Some of the audience left after that short interruption, but most of them stayed behind to listen to the VIP of the night.

Lo was not at all bothered by the minor inconvenience as he opened his speech: “Tonight, unfortunately, it is raining heavily, but we Chinese have a saying. Water equals wealth. So, tonight I bring you all wealth and future.”

Lo giving his speech at his first ceramah session at Moyan Genesis Parade here amidst heavy rain.
Lo’s supporters taking shelter at a nearby coffeeshop while listening to his speech.

After an almost 13-minute speech, Lo handed the microphone to the next speaker of the night, Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap. Stampin operations director Cr Amy Tnay was the last to address the crowd before the ceramah ended at about 10pm.

Tonight at Moyan Genesis Parade marks Lo’s first ceramah session in P196 Stampin. There will be five more sessions after today, all starting at 7.30pm.

Tomorrow’s (Nov 12) session will be held at 10th Mile SJK Chung Hua School carpark; Kuching Premier 101 on Nov 13 (Sunday); BDC resettlement on Nov 16 (Wednesday); Pine Square Batu Kawa Man Xiang Lou Delight Cafe carpark on Nov 17 (Thursday) and lastly at 4.5 Mile Everrise carpark on Nov 18 (Friday). — DayakDaily