Limbang water supply disruption: Laku Management discovers new pipe leak at Sungai Palas

File photo for illustration purposes only. Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, Feb 14: After the restoration of water supply in Limbang District yesterday (Feb 13), Laku Management Sdn Bhd has discovered a new 355mm HDPE main leak at Sungai Palas that caused water pressure issues today.

Affected areas include Tedungan, Kpg Mengatai, Kpg Ulak, Kpg Belading, Kpg Anak Bukit, Kpg Kuala Awang, Kpg Binjai, Kpg Ipai, Kpg Merasam Bumbun, Kpg Meritam, Kpg Lubok Sigantang/Aur, Kpg Telahak, and Kpg Lubok Piasau.

“Our team is actively working to release the air lock from the water mains, with the anticipated completion of this task within the next 24 hours.

“Once this process is finalised, the water supply will gradually return to normal across all affected areas,” Laku said in a statement today.

Laku further said during the restoration process, water supply may appear turbid or dirty after the repair work.

To counteract this, its teams will conduct comprehensive flushing activities to ensure water supply cleanliness and safety.

“Water tankers are also being despatched to the affected kampung. Should you need this service, please contact our hotline.

“Additionally, we’ve established a water collection point at the Tedungan shoplot for residents in urgent need of water. Feel free to bring your water containers for collection at any time,” it added.

The company also urged consumers to rely on official sources for accurate updates and to disregard unverified information.

For the most current information, please refer to Laku’s 24-hour hotlines at 085-215633/215644/211601, website at or via email at – DayakDaily