A light moment in DUS: Tanjung Batu rep teases Pending rep with BM-English pantun

Pang (left) debating TYT's speech at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly on May 9, 2024. On the right is Yong.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, May 9: After voicing out the several needs of his constituency, Tanjung Batu assemblyman Johnny Pang (GPS-SUPP) could not help but tease Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong (PH-DAP) by reciting a Bahasa Malaysia-English pantun (poem) to end his speech, a traditional practice of the Malay community.

His poem went as follows:


Gawai is coming
Tuak is waiting
Pending is bising (Pending is making noise)
Cos she has nothing

Bunga mawar bunga melati (Rose and jasmine)
Jangan simpan rasa benci di hati (Neither harbour hatred nor enmity)
Kalau Pending sik puas hati (Should Pending be unhappy)
Minta MP bagi sagu hati (Do ask from MP some prize money)

Prior to that, Pang urged the authorities to discuss measures to enhance safety supervision in view of the serious explosion at Samalaju Industrial Park last December which resulted in injuries and considerable damage.

There is also a pressing need, he said, for the regular disclosure of the air pollution index to the public to address ongoing safety and environmental concerns in the area.

“Transparent communication and stringent safety protocols are essential to prevent future incidents and to ensure the health and safety of our community and its surrounding environment,” said Pang when debating the TYT’s speech at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUS) here today.

Pang also called the authorities to improve the heart and kidney healthcare services at the Bintulu Hospital by adequately equipping the Fluro Angio and CardioPulmonary Suites, which would require RM480,000.

“This funding will allow us to add two MA4 medical gas outlets and essential medical assets, including a GA Medical Asset Machine in the Fluro Angio Room, along with a holter machine, ECHO, and spirometer for the CardioPulmonary Suite.

“Additionally, there is a pressing need to expand our renal care facilities by acquiring additional kidney dialysis machines to meet the growing demands of our increasing kidney patient population. These enhancements are critical necessities, not mere improvements, to launch comprehensive cardiology and renal services, potentially saving countless lives in our community,” he elaborated.

His next concern is the escalation of online gambling in Bintulu which he said presents a severe threat to the community, particularly the youth and the increase incidents of copper able theft.

Following that, he called on the government to address the significant delays caused by recurrent miscommunication among government, utility companies, and implementing agencies, particularly affecting the drainage systems.

“We propose the establishment of a centralized management system. This system would serve as the core coordination hub, tracking project progress, swiftly identifying and resolving bottlenecks, and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to real-time updates.

“Additionally, regular coordination meetings at critical milestones will be vital to maintaining alignment and transparency across all projects, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement,” he said.

On telecommunication, he requested a more effective and speedy internet network to meet growing demands, before moving on to to raise inquiry with regards to the infrastructure development in Bintulu in terms of extension of gas pipeline to household and residential areas, which to him, is of vital importance. — DayakDaily