[Letter to the Editor] Café owner pleads for help after 90 pct drop in business after roads blocked for ART test run

Barriers set up for the ART test run.

Letter to the Editor

By Sharen Lai

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the owner of Swee Delicacies Café, operating a café business located at Sublot 44, Ground Floor, Parcel C2-G-44, Raintree Square Shops, Jalan Keruing, 93450 Kuching (the shop lot on your left on the way down to BCCK Kuching from Pending).

As we all know, the government is having the ART (Autonomous Rapid Transit) test run at the main road namely “Kuching Isthmus” right in front of our café. According to the Facebook notice of Sarawak Metro, for safety purpose during the test run period, the entire main road will be blocked from 23rd August 2023 until 31st October 2023.

Ever since the main entrance to reach our café has been blocked until today, our daily business has dropped dramatically by 90 per cent. Basically, the road block starts from 9am until the next day. A lot of our customers can hardly reach our café and it has affected our business badly. There is a road diversion to reach our café but customers need to make a big round and perhaps no one will do that. Most of our customers miss out the entrance too. The road block initially will take two months. It has made our livelihood become difficult and created a huge loss to us.

(Editor’s note: A number of photos were attached to the letter, a few of which were selected to be published.)

The café experienced a drastic drop in business after the road blocks were put in place for the ART test run.
The café experienced a drastic drop in business after the road blocks were put in place for the ART test run.

The above photos shown the actual situation of our café for the past few weeks since the ART test run started. Therefore, I humbly seek for the government to help us or compensate us on our losses. Is there any chance for the government to shorten the road blocking time or may the road block be released when the ART test run is not on-going?


Thank you for your time.

By Owner of Swee Delicacies Café,
Sharen Lai

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