‘Kubung’ in viral video has been released into the wild — SFC

A SFC officer explaining about wildlife conservation to a family member.

KUCHING, April 17: Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) was able to get in touch with the source of a video that went viral in the social media with regards to a Colugo (flying lemur), or locally known as “kubung”.

Through assistance of other enforcement agencies, SFC managed to track the location depicted in the video, which was posted on Facebook, to a house at Sg Moyan, Batu Kawa.

“Based on the statements taken from the family members, the kubung was found nearby their house, which later was released to a nearby forest,” the corporation said in a statement.

SFC officers gave a verbal warning and explained to the family on the importance of conserving and protecting wildlife in Sarawak.

The Colugo is a protected species under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998.

Under the ordinance, any person who hunts, kills, captures, sells or in possession of any protected animals could face a one-year jail and RM10,000 fine, if convicted.

Following the incident, SFC advised the public not to speculate or viral any unverified video, as it will create confusion. It also reminded the public to contact its hotlines if they have any information regarding wildlife sighting in the state.

“Wild animals are best to be left undisturbed in the wild as part of the forest communities.

“Our precious wildlife is a gift of Mother Nature that many take for granted. Many think that there is still an abundance of wildlife species in the world, but the truth is, their numbers are dwindling and if nothing is done about it, these species might become endangered and extinct.

“Therefore, all of us must play our roles in conserving our wildlife,” SFC chief executive officer Zolkipli Mohamad Aton said.

The state controller of wildlife called on the public to play their role in protecting the wildlife species and its ecosystem.

Members of the public with information on wildlife sighting are encouraged to call Sarawak Forestry’s hotlines at 019-8859996/016-8565564 (Kuching), 019-8190140/019-8894474 (Sibu), 019-8223449/019-8332737 (Bintulu), 019-8224566/019-8290994 (Miri). — DayakDaily