Kota Sentosa rep: Urgent need for all races to be fairly represented in Sarawak civil service

Yap debating on the Governor's Address at the DUN sitting here today (May 20, 2022).

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, May 20: There is an urgent need for all races to be fairly represented in the public sector in view of the fact that Sarawak is a multi-ethnic society, says Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap.

He held that employment in the Sarawak civil service does not reflect the demographic of Sarawak’s population which is diverse and comprises of more than 40 sub-ethnic groups and races.

“It is timely for the Sarawak government to solve and rectify the imbalance in the civil service by taking into account the composition of all races without compromising on quality during recruitment exercises.

“The selection of civil servants should be fairly distributed among those from different races. Something urgent needs to be done to ensure that all races are given the same opportunities to join the civl service and also to maintain the balance of different races within the civil service.

“The Sarawak government should put in place a time frame to correct the imbalance in the civil service,” said Yap when debating on the Governor’s Address at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting here today.

Apart from the civil service issue, Yap also brought up the local needs of the Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

He said flash flooding and water ponding is a long outstanding problem in the area which causes hardship to residents. Until today, the drains on both sides of Jalan Stampin Baru are still earth drains and are in urgent need of upgrading, from earth to concrete drains.

After being first populated more than 30 years ago and a long wait, he held that it is only appropriate, right and proper that Kuching City South Council (MBKS) and the Drainage and Irrigation Department should jointly decide on a long term solution for the flash flooding, drainage and storm water management problems in the area through a Master Drainage Development Plan.

“This Master Plan is vital to identify existing and potential problems and formulate a systematic implementation of drainage related development projects to eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of flooding.

“This will provide an appropriate level of flood protection and resolve the problems of the dilapidated drainage situation in the area,” said Yap.

To him, if there already exists a Master Drainage Development Plan for the Stampin Resettlement Scheme, he humbly urged on behalf of the residents of the area that the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government should urgently provide the development funds to rectify the predicament of the residents.

“I hope that this GPS people-centric government will hear the voices and heartbeat of the people of Stampin Resettlement Scheme,” said Yap. — DayakDaily