Kho: Set up anti cyber bullying law in Malaysia

SUPP Women chief Kho Teck Wan.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, July 6: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Women chief Kho Teck Wan has supported Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah’s call to set up the anti cyber bullying law in Malaysia.

She opined that a unit in the police force can be established to work with CyberSecurity Malaysia and monitor cyber crime and investigate the cases.

Kho believed a crime even though it is committed online is still a crime adding that the perpetrators should be given strict punishment.

“I support the Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Saifuddin on this call to set up the anti cyber bullying law in Malaysia.

“The process of carving the law would involve consultations with stakeholders including the Attorney General’s Chambers, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Malaysian Bar.

“My previous press statements always stress that a crime committed online is still a crime.

“Cyber bullying not only impacted our youngsters but adults, especially public figures and the handicapped. The impact is not physical but emotional which sometimes are more damaging,” Kho said in a statement.

Thus, she urged the stakeholders to introduce harsh punishment to the perpetrators of cyber crime which include cyber bullying.

She asserted that in the current times and age, the society is able to communicate faster and more effectively with the help of fast Internet networks and online social media.

On the other side, Kho believed the technology also introduced another channel for the criminal to commit crime online.

Thus, she believed the lack of cyber bullying laws in Malaysia meant that criminals might get away with their crimes which they committed online.

Due to the wide reach and exposure of social media, she believed the intensity and impact of cyber bullying is much severe on the victim.

Kho opined that some cowards hide behind the computer screen with a fake identity to commit cyber bullying, which made identifying the perpetrators harder.

Therefore, she stressed that there is a need to enhance the Cybersecurity skills of the law enforcement in Malaysia.

She also hoped the federal government would look into establishment of a special unit by the police force to look into and investigate cyber crime seriously and urgently. —DayakDaily