Kampung Spinang, 3 nearby villages left high and dry since July 10

filephoto DayakDaily.com

KUCHING, July 18: Kampung Spinang in Pusa and three nearby villages have been experiencing dry taps for more than a week now.

Kampung Spinang is home to about 100 families, and the last time their water taps went dry was during the Hari Raya period this year.

Kampung Spinang resident Nur Giselle, 45, told DayakDaily today that three nearby villages were also suffering the same fate this time around.

“Looks like the water woes are getting worse in my area. Since our last conversation (regarding the Hari Raya episode), water supply was back to normal, but for less than a week only. After that, it was a game of hide-and-seek of sorts … sometimes we have water, sometimes we don’t,” she lamented.

A child in Kampung Spinang looking helplessly at the dry tap.

During those days when water supply returned to normal, the villagers quickly stored up on the life-giving liquid.

“Last week, JBALB (Rural Water Supply Department) Betong issued a one-day-notice about water disruption. The notice stated that the disruption would be on July 10 and that it was expected to last from morning until the pipe connection work was completed.

“But until today (July 18), we experienced a dry tap scenario. This time, besides us, it also affects Kampung Smarang and parts of Beladin and Maludam,” claimed Nur Giselle.

She added that JBALB Betong had promised to complete the pipe connection work as soon as possible. Water tankers and lorries laden with water did drop by the village, but she wondered for how long the villagers had to endure this temporary measure.

“… a very sad thing to happen to us when we have been independent for 50 years and with all the development around us,” lamented Nur Giselle.

She hoped the authorities would look seriously into the issue and come up with a long-term solution. — DayakDaily