Indonesian robbed, wounded by two men

File photo for illustration purposes

MIRI, Sept 24: An Indonesian man was injured during a skirmish with two unknown men on Friday night in Kuala Baram.

The victim, a quarry worker, was walking alone heading towards his quarters which located at about 3km from the crime scene.

At first the victim thought the two men had lost their way as both of them pulled their car over on the pretext of asking for directions. However, it turned out that they were trying to rob him.

The incident happened around 8.45pm.

During the conversation, one of the suspects snatched the victim’s sling bag. However, the victim refused to give up his sling bag.

Sources said the suspects then took out a blunt object inside the car and began hitting the victim.

Fortunately, the victim managed to jump into a nearby ditch, minimising his injuries and subsequently fled from the scene by foot.

Upon arrival at his quarters, he sought help from his colleagues who later sent him to hospital.

A police report was lodged at Miri Central police station (CPS). — DayakDaily