‘I don’t care. If I am invited by schools, I will go’ — Penguang


By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Nov 27: Housing and Local Government Assistant Minister Datu Dr Penguang Manggil said he would not refrain from going into schools, otherwise Sarawakians would lose out.

He said he would not sacrifice the welfare and interests of Sarawakian students due to ‘unreasonable policies’ of the federal government.


“Sarawakians will be the ones losing out when we don’t go into schools because we can’t give any funds under MRP (Minor Rural Projects) or RTP (Rural Transformation Programme).

“For example, I have given more than RM2 million of either MRP or RTP to all the 26 or 27 schools in my constituency, including both secondary and primary schools, for them to build multipurpose halls or roofed walkways in schools.

“I don’t really care. If I am invited by the schools, I will go. If I were to succumb to the Education Ministry’s directive, these schools will stand to lose. At the end of the day, Sarawakians will stand to lose” said Penguang, who is Marudi assemblyman, to DayakDaily.

He said the Sarawak government did not change its mind with regards to prohibiting community leaders from attending federal government’s functions.

“The federal government started it first by prohibiting Sarawak ministers and YBs (VVIPs) from attending or officiating at functions of federal departments or schools.

“We are only doing what they are doing,” said Penguang, who said the Sarawak government was firm in its stance in not allowing community leaders from attending Pakatan Harapan leaders’ official functions.

On community leaders not being appointed councillors from next year onwards, Penguang explained, “In the past, we allowed only longhouse chiefs and Ketua Kampung to be appointed as councillors, which is against regulations, but not community leaders higher up like Penghulu, Pemanca and Temenggong.

“From next year onwards, no Ketua Kampung or longhouse chiefs will be appointed as councillors,” said Penguang. — DayakDaily