Govt working on fixing water woes in Tatau, says Ministry

Men at work to install a new water pump and fix piping at the water treatment plant. 

KUCHING, April 12: Longhouses in Selarai and Selitut are currently experiencing water disruptions due to water supply rationing from the Tatau Water Treatment Plant following ongoing heatwave.

The Ministry of Utilities and the State Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) informed in a press statement today that they were well aware of the issues reported in a local daily.

The ministry also advised consumers to conserve and use water prudently during the dry spell as the raw water level in the water treatment plant was in a critical stage.

A photo indicating the existing raw water intake point and raw water from the stream.

The Sarawak government, through JBALB, has implemented various initiatives to ensure adequate water supply for the people in Tatau.

As an immediate measure, the old water pumps at the water treatment plant have been replaced with new ones on April 12, while upgrading and dredging work on the surface have been completed two days ago.

The ministry emphasised that these measures were taken to ensure adequate water reserve during the ongoing heatwave.

In addition, the water production capacity of Tatau Water Treatment Plant has been upgraded from 4 million litres a day to 6 Million litres a day. This project has been completed recently and it is currently in the testing and commissioning stage.

As a long-term measure, a 20 million litres water treatment plant has been planned to be built to ensure sufficient water supply for residents around Sangan, Tatau and along Tatau-Sibu Road.

In addition, another long-term project has started to supply treated water from Bintulu Airport Booster Pump Station to longhouses and areas before the Tatau Water Treatment Plant to reduce the burden on the Tatau Water Treatment Plant.

The project is expected to be completed within two years.

As such, the ministry and JBALB assured that all planned projects will be monitored in greater details so they will be implemented according to the timeline.

In the event of water disruption or request for water delivery, those affected can contact JBALB Bintulu Division at 086-344544 or 016-8618527. — DayakDaily