GOF seizes RM112k worth of red onions en route to Indonesia

The red onions which seized by GOF before it was smuggled into Indonesia.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, May 15: A total of 320 sacks of red onions worth RM112,000 was confiscated during a raid when the suspects attempted to smuggle the goods into Indonesia on Thursday night.

Commanding Officer of General Operations Force (GOF) Battalion 11 said that a team of six GOF members had raided the truck at Jalan Gajah, Bau at 8.45 pm after receiving reliable information.

“We had found 320 sacks of red onions were carried to the truck and the suspect had failed to present necessary documentation in carrying the goods,” Commanding Officer of the PGA Supt Rosdi Bin Inai said in the press statement.

“It was believed that the red onions were meant to be smuggled into Indonesia and the 31-year-old suspect has been arrested,” he added.

According to Rosdi, the arrests and the goods have been handed over to Bau District Police Headquarters and the suspect will be investigated under Section 21, Control of Supplies Act 1961, and also the Prevention and Control of the Infectious Diseases Act 2020.

Rosdi hopes that the public will continue to share any information about any illegal activities to the police in the future.—DayakDaily