General election must be held this year to stabilise country’s political situation, says Tiong

Tiong (third left) at the opening ceremony of the congress in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (Sept 25, 2022). Photo taken from Tiong's Facebook post.

KUCHING, Sept 28: The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China Dato Sri Tiong King Sing asserts that the general election must be held this year so that the people can elect a stable, capable, and mature government to reorganise the country’s strategy, allowing the country’s economy to advance and people’s lives to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Tiong made these remarks in a Facebook post dated Sept 26 after he had attended a function in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (Sept 25).

“In terms of whether elections should be avoided during the rainy season, I believe that our current Cabinet was formed hastily due to political instability.

“Frankly speaking, many ministers do not take their jobs seriously, and they struggle to perform well in their respective positions.

“Continuing to struggle in this manner will only exacerbate the already-damaged national economy, causing more foreign investors to withdraw their capital,” he said, adding that confidence in the local economy has plummeted.

He said some politicians are using a variety of reasons to postpone the election, including the year-end floods.

“… the Sarawak election was also held in December of last year. In fact, the government’s inaction in the face of disaster will only exacerbate the disaster,” he opined.

Tiong, who is also the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, cited the disastrous performance of ministers during the devastating floods at the beginning of this year to prove his point.

“If our country continues to suffer from such “internal friction”, it will inevitably cause serious damage to the country’s development prospects,” he added.

He asserted that rather than wasting time on a Cabinet that cannot lead the people out of the “smog”, it is better to return the mandate to the people.

“Better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony,” he stressed.

Furthermore, Tiong, who is also the Dudong assemblyman, acknowledged that a stable and courageous government capable of mature governance should reorganise the country’s forward strategy and allow the economy to move forward.

“And people’s lives can get back on track as soon as possible. Stabilise everything, and set sail again,” he remarked. — DayakDaily