Gawai-Raya: SukaSuka launches short film promoting good values

A still from SukaSuka's short film 'A Journey Home'.

KUCHING, May 29: Sarawakian-based social media platform SukaSuka has launched its first ever short film in celebration of Gawai Dayak and Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2019.

According to a media release, the short film ‘A Journey Home’ tells the story of two best friends, Azizi and Jacob, who skipped school to the dismay of their teacher Cikgu Muhamad.

The boys then uncovered their teacher’s personal dilemma when he visited one of their homes during Gawai.

Ridden with guilt, they made up to their teacher by presenting him the greatest gift in celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The story conveys a message of love, the beauty of diversity and finding the sense of belonging, no matter where one is.

‘A Journey Home’ aims to show how unity can gather people to celebrate the same festivity regardless of background, race, and belief and that the universal values, such as respect and acceptance, are the key to achieving harmony in a multiracial community.

The director of the short film, Azizi Khalil said, “The main message of the short film is to celebrate the double festivity of Gawai Dayak and Hari Raya Aidilfitri as well as sharing values that makes us human.

“It has been 32 years since Gawai and Hari Raya were celebrated at the same time, so because of this rare occurrence, in this short film we want to portray Sarawak’s diverse cultures being celebrated under one roof,” he added.

Nothing beats the joy of celebrating two festivities at the same time with friends and families with different backgrounds.

The short film stars Iqbal Asraff Mohamad Yusuf as Cikgu Muhamad, Muhd Aliff Rizqi as Azizi, and Muhamad Raees Jahar as Jacob.

By introducing new local talents in this short film, SukaSuka hopes to discover more hidden talents in Sarawak.

The short film took one month to produce and was filmed in various locations in Sarawak.

The short film is available on SukaSuka’s Facebook page at and YouTube at — DayakDaily