Four men arrested for house break-ins and burglaries in Simunjan

The water pressure equipment recovered by police.

SERIAN, Dec 14: Four men suspected of being behind a spate of house break-ins in Simunjan have been arrested by police.

According to Simunjan district police chief DSP Merbin Lisa, the four suspects, aged between 20 and 35 years old, were arrested separately between Dec 6 and 11, following intelligence gathering and investigation.

“On Dec 4, a police report on burglary was made by a villager who visited the village house and discovered the kitchen roof being pried opened and the gate unlocked,” he said in a statement today.

The household items missing included a gas cylinder, a water pressure equipment, an air cooler, and two units of fan.

“The suspects have also admitted to being involved in the break-ins and burglary,” he added.

Merbin informed that the police also managed to recover the missing water pressure equipment which the suspects had sell off.

With the arrest, police believed that they have solved several other burglary cases in Simunjan area.

Merbin also expressed gratitude to the community in Simunjan, Sibuyau and Gedong for their assistance in channeling the information to the police which led to the burglary cases solved.— DayakDaily